Here is M. Wesley trip report regarding orchids conservation projects in Warran Indagen and Musep villages.


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Orchids Angels Vision : To make the Earth a Lovely Planet through ecotourism to rediscover our humanity.

Mission: to bring passionate tourists to contribute to others wellness. To organize groups travels in a discovery expeditions. To participate in environmental protection in particular for orchids and other species of animals or plants. Be a financial partner that will promote local community involvement to improve the living of the inhabitants of places and selected countries.


Objectives and strategies : To raise substainable development awareness of developing countries, through their tourism office To promote our mission to agencies concerned with the environment


Ongoing projects

Orchids Angels attempts to implement a project designed to aid the construction of safer houses in three villages in the Morobe province of Papua New Guinea. These three villages, Indagen, Warran and Mussep came together and founded an association to manage the project. So it is through Sisaiwap Development Association that the Orchids Angel intend to help. This help will consist in assistance in grant application to various national or international government agencies . To grant such subventions these agencies require that applicants participate financially. Sisaiwap Development Association has already raised more than 20 000 kina ($ 7 000cdn). This amount being insufficient Orchids Angels proposed to the villagers different avenues to raise the required capital. One of these proposals was accepted being the ecotourism development. The village of Warran has thus built a Guest House to accommodate tourists. This house awaits you. If you want to see pictures of this Guest house look at our photo albums of 2004 PNG Expedition. Besides the photos of several species of orchids, you will also find pictures of fungi, mosses, lichens, gingers, insects.